San Pedro

Hi. This is Miguel Treviño, the mayor of the city of San Pedro Garza García.

San Pedro is part of the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey, the second largest in Mexico. San Pedro is a city known for its magnificent mountains, for its cosmopolitan way of life and its highly committed citizens. However, it has also been recently known as the "city of parks".

Over the last three years, four extraordinary new parks have been built and several more have been redesigned to meet higher standards. Standards born from our vision of creating public spaces that are inclusive, vibrant, full of life and culture. Spaces for walking, for exercising, for breathing. Parks where you can connect with your neighbors and with the natural environment. Because we believe that, no matter how big or small your individual private space is, it’s in the public space where you can get the most out of a city and achieve the quality of life you deserve. We are committed to constantly improve the standards and the quality of life through public space, by embracing the participation and engagement of our citizens.

It is with great honor that I announce that San Pedro has been chosen, alongside some of the greatest cities around the globe, to host the World Urban Parks Congress. We’re very excited to share our story. And we’ll be glad to hear yours and learn for each other.

I will see you in December, at the 2021 World Urban Parks Congress.

The City of San Pedro welcomes you with open arms.