The tours will take place on Sunday, October 6 within the program of the congress. They will be the perfect opportunity to know the host city and its surroundings, attractions, culture and food.

The cost of these activities are not included in the general cost of the congress and would have to be contracted through the following email:


The tours will take place on Sunday, October 6, within the program of the congress. They will be the perfect opportunity to know the host city and its surroundings, attractions, culture and food.

This tour includes a Mini - trekk in La Yesera or Los Castillos and Tasting in Piattelli Winery - Grand Tasting This will be a tasting of wines with greater complexity, more intense aromas and great structure that combine the aroma of the varietal with its maturation inside of the barrel reaches a complexity that delights even the most demanding palates. Six wines are tasted: Torrontés, Chardonnay, Malbec Grand Reserve Cafayate, Malbec and Cabernet Grand Reserve Mendoza and the icon of Piattelli Mendoza, Trinitá.

Note: the excursion does not include lunch Price per person: ar $ 2.268 / usd 50


We will pick you up at the hotel and take you to the base of Salta Rafting, in Coronel Moldes, passing the Cabra Corral Dam - Juramento River. There you will receive an instructive rafting and safety course. The equipment is delivered and the descent by the rapids of the river begins, there will be 10 Class III rapids plus 5 Class II rapids, framed by the imposing landscape of the Juramento River Canyon. This Canyon is like a giant open pit between the mountains. Its walls were, 65 million years ago, huge beaches inhabited by pre-historic animals. The descent starts at the base and ends 12 km. later in the Paraje Los Lapachos. The return to the base by land lasts about 20 minutes and is in charge of the company. After lunch, we will return, arriving to the city of Salta around 5:30 pm / 6:00 pm.

Note: (includes transfer + rafting + barbecue) Price per person: ar $ 2,510 net - USD 54


We start from the city of Salta at 09:00 am, through the Lerma Valley to the town of Carril, continuing until arriving at the town of Chicoana-Finca El Bordo. There will be an introductory talk on the use of horses, to take the ride. This is the best option for beginners because the routes are very safe. Visit the traditional village of Chicoana, you can cross rivers and tobacco plantations where you can see the process of cultivation. Lunch consists of roast (grilled meat) and a variety of salads. Regional red wine (recommended). Ask about alternative menus, for example the vegetarian that includes roasted vegetables, a wide variety of salads, pasta, etc.

  • 09:00 Departure from Salta capital (Approximately 1 hour trip).
  • 10:30 Breakfast at the Finca.
  • 14:00 Lunch at the Finca.
  • 15:30 Return to Salta.
Price per person: ar $ 1,872 / USD 40


We start from the city of Salta at 07:00 am, making the parallel route to the train tracks of the Train of the Clouds, by the Quebrada del Toro where the landscape is a transition between thick vegetation and the appearance of the first cardones; the outstanding maneuvers of the Train of the Clouds are observed, like the Viaduct of the Bull, the zigzags of Alisal and Chorrillo, knowing places like El Candado, El Golgotha, Alfarcito, among others. Among the attractions, we cross Santa Rosa de Tastil, pre-Inca city, one of the most important cities whose ruins are perfectly distinguished homes, burials and streets. Continue through the La Encrucijada farm, to start the ascent to the Cuesta del Muñano and ascend Abra Blanca until reaching 4080 meters above sea level. Arrival to San Antonio de los Cobres, the head town of the department of the Andes. At 12:00 hrs, the train is climbed and on its return the passengers have the possibility of having lunch in the village. You return to the city of Salta by the same road.

  • Price per person: Svcs: bus + train + bus: ar $ 4.100 USD 89 (foreigners)
  • Price per person: Svcs: bus + train + bus: ar $ 3,300 - usd 72 (national)
Note: lunch not included


Departure from Salta, at 07:00 am / 07:30 am, to the town of Tastil, arriving at San Antonio de los Cobres. A break is made for lunch, then cross the national route 40 until you reach the Salinas Grandes, an incredible place where the white landscape is confused with the intense blue sky, there you can see the process of extracting table salt , right on the border between Salta and Jujuy. Then, the descent begins by Cuesta de Lipán where condors are usually seen, arrival to the typical Purmamarca village and its Cerro de los Siete Colores. You return to Salta by highway.

Note: lunch not included Price per person: ar $ 2,340 - USD 50

Salinas Grandes, vía Purmamarca

We leave at 07:00 a.m. / 07: 30 a.m. from Salta in the morning, to arrive at first hours at the Town of Purmamarca, with its Cerro Siete Colores, the Church and the Artisan Market of the plaza. After touring the town, you climb the Cuesta de Lipán until you reach the impressive Salinas Grandes, one of the most visited destinations in the Puna de Jujuy region, an incredible place where the white landscape merges with the intense blue sky, there you can observe the process of extracting table salt. You return to Salta by the same path.

Note: lunch not included. Price per person: ar $ 3,468 - USD 75


Spend an unforgettable afternoon at Casa de los Jazminez, La Silleta-Salta

A unique experience where you will discover the authentic Argentine traditions and customs in a typical Salta colonial house and, as if that were not enough, it was the house where Oscar-winning film star Robert Duvall lived in Argentina.

You will be welcomed by the famous gauchos, guardians of the traditional customs and traditions of the Argentine countryside that, with their typical hospitality, will make you experience a different afternoon. You will discover with them the secrets of the real asado with the technique "a la cacana" or "cruz"; with expert cooks, you will prepare typical empanadas that we will cook in the clay oven. The table will be complemented with other delicacies such as lamb casseroles and exquisite Salteño desserts generous in typical sweets such as cayote, dulce de leche or cane honey.

The horses of passage cannot be absent, you will know closely these beautiful specimens and the typical Salta mount, besides the garment of the gaucho, eximios riders.

Accompany the sunset of an unforgettable day folk music and dance, zambas, chacareras and carnavalitos impregnate the air of sound chords of drums and guitars, accompanied by the purest, simple and rhythmic regional dance.

Note: lunch not included