• Before you can discuss with your boss your possible participation in the congress, it is important that you know in depth the structure of the congress, dates, schedules, logistics, types of conferences, speakers and prices.
  • Through knowing all this information, establish short and long-term goals that help you to better fulfill your work. These goals should be supported by the idea of attending the event.

  • Align your work objectives and those of your organization with the objectives of the conferences and workshops that you would like to attend. The best way to justify your attendance at the Congress is that what you are going to learn will help you to be able to do your job better.
  • Establishes an agenda of contacts and plans a possible approach with a speaker that will interest your organization to make a relationship.
  • Learn more about parks and public spaces through the best lecturers and workshops in the world.
  • Expand your contacts and generate great public relations.
  • Meet the most important industry suppliers in Argentina and the world, as well as market trends, new products, prices, qualities and opportunities.
  • Learn from success stories about the parks and public spaces that are happening in Argentina and Latin America.
  • Bring new ideas to your organization for the development of projects.
  • Visit the most emblematic parks and public spaces of the host city.
  • Be part of the Argentine community dedicated to the care, maintenance, administration and management of urban parks.

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