Core Areas

The Congress of South American Parks is a specialized event of educational and experiential content aimed at an audience whose work impacts urban parks and recreation; This content is divided into 5 core areas.

5 core areas

The city

The construction of our cities through public space to make them more livable, give our citizens a better quality of life and make them more human and indispensable.

Health and the environment

Did you know that parks bring an infinite number of health benefits? In addition to inviting us to physical activation, they are a place where we find ourselves face to face with nature. Green areas reduce the rates of depression, anxiety and work stress; they clean the air, improve the circulation of the wind and regulate rainfall patterns.

Design and planning

What is the importance of design principles and processes for parks? In the South American Parks Congress, you will find specific topics such as: children's areas, water games, pet parks, among others. As well as information about intellectual and creative processes so that the design and planning of these spaces are a success.

Economy and uses of public space

Besides being spaces for recreation, parks boost the economy and generate jobs. Successful models of administration, economic promotion and fundraising will be presented showing the great variety of ways in which a park can be sustainable.

Public function and citizen participation

Parks need public servants committed to public space, with the best practices for their implementation and sustainability in conjunction with citizens. In this theme, models will be presented to encourage citizen participation and structures that improve the public service focused on parks.